Tiffany Gallina
 Algebra 1, Accelerated Algebra
 Geometry, Accelerated Geometry
 Algebra 2
 Precalculus, Accelerated Precalculus
 AP Statistics
 AP Calculus

 Biology, Honors Biology, AP Biology
 Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry
 Physical Science, Honors Physical Science
 Physics, AP Physics
 AP Environmental Science

 US Government, AP US Government and Politics
 World History, AP World History
 US History, AP US History
 Economics, AP Micro & Macro Economics 
 AP Psychology
 AP Human Geography

English Literature & Writing
 9th Grade Lit, Honors 9th Grade Lit 
 10th Grade Lit, Honors 10th Grade Lit
 11th Grade Lit, Honors 11th Grade Lit, AP Language 
 World and Contemporary Lit, AP Lit, College English

Study & Organizational Skills:
 Study Skills
 Time Management
 Learning Styles
 Transitioning from Middle School to High School

ACT Test Prep

College Admission Counseling